• Hope Cruz

    Hope Cruz

    I’m a devoted cinephile, critic, and essayist who loves life, humanity, art, truth, drama, beauty, dreams, humor, cerebral creativity and visceral sensations.

  • Pamela Edwards

    Pamela Edwards

    Irrationally hopeful.

  • Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

  • Sabrina Michael

    Sabrina Michael

    toronto-based writer who aspires to be responsible enough for a cat, one day

  • Himal Kotelawala

    Himal Kotelawala

    Writer and journalist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Byline on The New York Times, Time Magazine and locally EconomyNext, The Daily FT, The Sunday Times and Roar.

  • Kapil Bilimoria

    Kapil Bilimoria

    I might write here one day, maybe, maybe not

  • C.L


    Get the fugg outta here.

  • irem cinemre

    irem cinemre

    I write about books, games, movies and sometimes think pieces.

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